Winter Reading Program 2021

Winter Reading Program 2021

No need to register this year, as our doors are not open…

  • Get your bookmark and reading log.
  • Check out some books. Books checked out through the library, online, or that you have at home can count towards your reading minutes!
  • Start reading!

How to participate:

  • Read at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY! (Each box on the reading log is worth 30 minutes!)
  • Record your minutes on your reading log.
  • Minutes can be recorded until 2pm on Friday, February 26th.
  • Turn your records in (if you fill one page, pick up another at the library on your next visit).
  • You might WIN! Who’s reading this winter?? YOU ARE!

Call & chat with library staff: 735 – 8625 or (218) – 750 – 4911